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Looking to Apply or Modify a Conditional Use Permit in the San Francisco area? Our professional Staff will aid & assist with your Conditional Use Permit & Building Permit Processing in the greater San Francisco area by working with the Planning Department,Health Department, Fire Department, Coastal Commission & Building Departments. We serve; South San Francisco, San Bruno, Burlingame, San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont, Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Woodside, Palo Alto.

We assist the following Businesses with their Conditional Use Permits in San Francisco:
* Gas Stations
* Super Markets
* Mini Markets
* Church's
* Religious Organizations
* Meditation Centers
* Fitness Centers
* Convenience Stores
* Restaurants
* Cafe's
* Night Clubs
* Wine Bars
* Amplified live entertainment and dancing
* Cabaret
* Bars
* Car Dealership
* Medical Office
* Car Wash & Detailing Centers
* Banks & ATMs.
Call our friendly C.U.P Consultants @ (877) 581-0866
NEED PLANS? The San Francisco Design Group can even design & draft a set of plans for you to get a Conditional Use & Building Permit.Whether it's a Residential, Hospitality, Business, Industrial, Commercial project, new or remodel, we can help you take care of it!


Call (877) 581-0866 to speak to someone regarding applying for or modifying a Conditional Use Permit.

We offer Use & Building Permit processing & assistance with our Professional Permit agents to the following San Francisco Building Departments:

San Francisco Permit Processing. We have Professional Permit processing agents & will take all your construction documents to the Building Department, Fire & School to get Permit. We are San Francisco's Premier processing firm with the areas finest Permit agents & Permit aquisition team
  • San Francisco Building Department
  • Richmond Building Department
  • Palo Alto Building Department
  • Millbrae Building Department
  • Pacifica Building Department
  • Burlingame Building Department
  • Alamed Building Department
  • Dublin Building Department
  • Fremont Building Department
  • Hayward Building Department
  • Menlo Park Building Department
  • Dublin,CA Building Department
  • Piedmont Building Department
  • San Leandro Building Department
  • Saratoga Building Department
We have the professional permit processing acquisition staff in the San Francisco area who will take your Plans to your local Building Department, fill out the Permit Application & walk it through the entire Permit process. The following is a list of items that our Permit processing agents & staff will assist you with. FEES for our Permit assistance & aquisition is listed on the bottom of this page.

Call (877) 581-0866 to speak to someone regarding "Permit Processing" and submitting your plans for a Conditional Use or Building Permit issuance in San Francisco

EMAIL us for information on use or Building Permit processing for your project

Project submittal review

SFDG will advise the client with minimum submittal requirements, gather project data from the building departments such as building codes, amendments, and other basic construction info that could be useful in preparing construction plans.

Permit application documents

SFDG will prepare and fill out the proper applications required for the submittal process.SFDG will also allocate the adequate documents and special inspection forms to disperse to the client or assigned contractor.

Expedite initial plan review process

SFDG will advise the client if the city in which the project is in has any expediting, third party, or overtime procedures in order to get the project permitted as quickly as possible. The client should also be aware that by having SFDG handle their project also attributes in expediting their permit. SFDG handles such a large number of building permits which provides building departments a constant, friendly and familiar face to deal with.

Building permit fees

SFDG is aware that building permit fees could often be highly unreasonable. You could be well assured that by having the SFDG team as your consultant, your permit fees could be reduced substantially. With savings that in some cases will cover, if not surpass our fees. EXAMPLE: Sometimes its alot cheaper to attach a Casita or Game room than having it detached. This could save you THOUSANDS of dollars. We might reccomend you to change the name of a certain room to a different name ( Bedroom to bonus room)

Plan review status information

Keeping up with the status of a project is a main priority to the SFDG. Once the project is submitted into the governing agencies, we will supervise the permit process to insure the turn around time is adequately met. Any information that is derived about the project will be made accessible to the client. SFDG also keeps constant contact with the projects designer to facilitate the response to any comments or redlines in order to get the job permitted as quick and efficient as possible.

Permit issuance

Our permit team will equip the: Homeowner, Developer, Contractor or project coordinators with any final information needed in order to pull the permit on a project that is ready to issue. SFDG will also provide further assistance in pulling the permit if requested by the client, and is always ready to handle any revisions or addendums if need be.

Call (877) 581-0866 to speak to someone regarding submitting your plans for a Conditional Use Permit or Building Permit issuance in the San Francisco area

EMAIL us for information on use or Building Permit processing for your project

The San Francisco Design Group Permit assistance Team is here to save you time & money! Need to go to the School District- WE DO IT! Need to go to the Fire Department? WE DO THAT TOO!


  • The fee for Conditional Use Permit's (C.U.P.'s) vary. We offer complete Application assistance, with plans, submitting documents & attending necessary meetings. Fee ranges from $2500-$15,000.00
You will provide us with a letter stating that we are serving as your Agent as well as provide us with pre-signed checks made out to the Building Department & we will fill in the amount & provide you with receipts.

Our professional Use & Construction Permit processing team serves the following San Francisco cities:

    South San Francisco, San Bruno, Burlingame, San Mateo, Fairfax,Foster City, Belmont, Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Woodside, Palo Alto, Sausalito & Tiburon.
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I am writing this letter as a matter of recommendation for the San Francisco Design Group. SFDG  worked closely with Sylvania Lighting Services on a recent design/build project for PG&E.  They provided a variety of blueprints, Title 24 calculations, and building permit management for us under some heavy time constraints.
SFDG performed professionally and helped us meet the customer goals.  In many cases they were given little to work with, and asked to develop complete plot plans and layouts without any existing drawings or materials to work from.  They proved to be innovative and responsive. If your business has design needs we would not hesitate to recommend them.

Peter Alpert
Executive Major Account Representative
Sylvania Lighting Services


Mike & Ophelia F.  San Francisco CA 

Thank you San Francisco Design Group for assisting us with our renovation project.  Your preparation of construction plans and your facilitation of the permit process got our project off to a good start.  With your assistance, that phase of the project was much easier and completed much sooner then we expected.  We found your company and the subcontractors you referred to us easy to work with, and are pleased both with the quality of work done as well as the cost.  Thanks again for your help.


San Francisco Design Group,

I would like to thank you and your company for the work you did to make our family room addition become a reality. After giving you our ideas, desires and wants, your staff did an excellent job drawing up the blueprints needed for the building permit. I like the idea of your company doing all the leg work pulling all the permits necessary. It was money well spent. Iíve attached some pictures of our completed addition. All inspections were completed with no errors. Except for the foundation and texturing of the walls, all the work was done by my wife Charlene and me. We had a great time doing this project. Now weíll sit back and enjoy it. Should I decide to build again, Iíll give you a call. Thanks again to yourself and your staff.


Jeff & Charlene E.

San Francisco, CA


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